The Abbey took up approximately one quarter of the medieval city, which was surrounded by a wall. City and Abbey have existed side by side within these walls until today.


Benedictine Abbey
Plan of Germany
975 - 2000

 The Abbey is pleasantly situated with a beautiful view of the surrounding flat country side. Consulting room and dining room (refectory) were located on the lower floor, the monks´cells on the upper floor. The cells were linked directly with the church through a passageway. There was also a treasure chamber,several guest rooms and a library. The romanesque portal was uncovered several years ago during building works.

 The Abbey was linked with the castle trough an underground passageway. There the monks used to hide from violent attacks and moved their treasures to safety.

Translated into English by D. Niklas, London

A Abbey Church
B St. Johanni
C Dual Chapel
D St. Viti
E Market Place


975 - 2000
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